Maison e Objet 2018, the trends and the faves of the home and decoration fair

pink cushion with handmade work

In January 2018 happened in Paris another edition of Maison & Obejet, a home decoration fair which happens twice a year in the city of lights and brings together more than 3,000 exhibitors of furniture, textilesdecorative items and accessories for the home. The event always brings many news and trends, and serves as a reference for designers, architects and artists. My first experience with the fair was in 2015, when I visited the event to make a trends research and get inspiration for creating new prints for the Trevisan Concept. At the time my mood board was filled with images of circus, birds and black and white, which resulted in various collections. I’ve already talked about the Circus Collection here.

For being a big fair, the Maison presenting many styles and trends, but I selected what touched the heart and what was really lovely lovely!


Handmade, natural materials and nude colors

With the trend of Scandinavian design in high decoration, natural materials such as wool, untreated wood and plants have gained strength in home decoration trends. Handmade pieces and with predominantly nude palette, are in and appeared a lot at the Maison & Objet 2018. As a not minimalist person, I like to mix those pieces of natural materials with other styles and colors. I think that gives more life, and emphasizes even more the adorner.

pendant made of wool and cristals

Different and creative crockery

It’s not from today that the crockery and porcelain are more fun and colorful. The format still remember the classic crockery sets from Grandma (that I love), but with creative and modern designs. White with gold is a strong trend. As like mix colors and shapes and serve all in the same tray are to.

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white crockery with gold from melodyrose

colorful crockery from maison e objet

Color palette- soft pink and green

I didn’t see much in this edition the use of 2018 color elected by Pantone, the Ultra Violet. But still the combination of pink, green and yellow.

cushions in pallets

pink cutlery with gold from cutipol brand

Dark backgrounds with colorful prints

Dark backgrounds work very well to point out a colorful print in front of, in addition to giving a dramatic air to the room. And you know what I think that is a super trend alert? Printed surfboards as decorative pieces. It can replace a screen, a picture or just be a beautiful surfboard supported on the wall. These decorative surfboards comes some time appearing quietly, but now is the time they will appear more and more.

Artpilo,  2.Sabre,  3.Acrila,  4.Loqi, 5.Lazarehome,  6.Fauteuil Designer,  7.Pasotti

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