Coconut Bowls. Fast, healthy and beautiful!

natural coconut bowls with acai

OMG! Instagram and Pinterest are the temptations of today, at least for visual people like me and you. We spend hours admiring so beautiful and inspirational images. But sometimes we just stop. STOP, no way! What is this? Silence moment! This happened with me when I sow those amazing bowls pictures, real edible art! California fever since 2016, the coconut bowls became famous with Amazebowls, but here in Portugal I didn´t see nothing similar, Brasil neither. Only the açaí bowls, but this ones are different.  The recipe is simple, actually because don´t have recipe, since you fallow some essencial rules like, get a natural coconut and use ingredients varied in color and some creamy base. If you are in a healthier vibe (congratulations  you can abuse the yogurts, açaís, seasonal fruits, granolas and cereals. If you are a chubby soul as me you can put a good ice cream, marshmallows, chunks of chocolate and strawberries to give a color and a relief on your conscience. Speaking of color, edible flowers also give that special touch. But P-L-E-A-S-E make sure that they really are edible. After this is just enjoy and delight, but not without take a picture before, shure 🙂

But if the weather’s is getting colder and winter coming, how about using coconut husk to serve a soup, or even a moroccan or thai recipe? Super will match! In fact I’m super addicted to Thai food, but this is an idea to another post 😉

But Juuuuuuuuules I neeeed a recipe to follow!!! Ok, so I separated this cool video of the Blogilates channel, but I have to say that there’s no chocolate or nutella. But still beautiful and tasty 🙂

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  • Esses côcos devem ser deliciosos, lindo de ver , já dá água na boa!! Amo côco!!

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