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Hello! Welcome to the Lovely Lovely! A blog full of inspiration, which was born from my huge desire to share with people so many beautiful, creative, different and lovely things that appears every day around the world. Over 16 years working as a graphic designer and creative professional, I’ve gotten used to perceive the beauty and the “something more” in different ways. And that´s the view that I have the enormous joy to share here with you. The human being is amazing, able to create so many beautiful things and vibrant, that increases our vibration in a single look. Find here a lot of inspiration for designers, artists, creative professionals, entrepreneurs and people in general that vibrate on creativity! Inspiration for life! Be trendy in design, art, decoration, in places, or in simple details, if there’s something charming, creative and different, is lovely lovely!



Julliana Anschau is a graphic designer based in Lisbon and is the founder of the blog Lovely Lovely! A blog of inspiration where beauty, creativity, the enchantment and the design are shown in many ways. With a vibrant and colorful aesthetics, Julliana has already created prints for decorating objects and collections for fashion, did trend researches for companies in addition to to graphic design in brandding, packaging and marketing.