decoração de ovos de páscoa dourado

It is almoust Easter and it’s a nice opportunity to use creativity and put the hands to work. With very simple and unique ideas you can surprise and delight. Forget that old image about eggs with flowers painted and peanuts inside. With modern materials and creative design, egg shells can be used for a cheerful décor, cool and contemporary as well.

ovos de páscoa com efeito de mármore

Marble texture is super trendy and it is also in the crafts. Bet in combination with gold, because just like in home decoration, marble and gold super complements.

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decoração de ovos de páscoa

pintura de ovos de páscoa

decoração de páscoa

decoração de páscoa

casca de ovo com plantas

Another way to use the eggs is giving them the function of mini pots with plants, what brings romance and delicacy for home decoration. The style may be more rustic with the bark, or more modern painted gold.

casca de ovo com plantas

casca de ovo com plantas

Choose the design that most inspired you and don’t miss the opportunity to create an original and practical decor. Happy Easter 😀

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Spoons with chocolate

Today the inspiration came from the Valentine’s day. Everybody are looking for gift ideas, but you can surprise with a simple and original idea, putting some personal touch. Women in general like and have more ability in crafts and here has some great and nice suggestions. And for the men  please listen me (  maybe you arrived here  helped by Google 😀 ),  you that waited for the last minute and just searched “Valentines gift ideas” hã?. Ok ok, no problem, so choose an idea and surprise your love 😀

watercolor card to valentine day

valentines surprise ideia ballons hanging pictures

 Valentines gift ideas guide

Flowers are always a classic but it can be a surprise if it comes wrapped in a paper with photo prints or some written by hand. And if your love has some chubby soul (I don´t know someone like this). How about give the flowers with a lot of chocolate? Balloons are also a great tip! It can be shaped by words or with hung pictures! And if she is an instagram girl she will love even more! Because she’ll be able to take a lot of trendy photos with balloons (also I don’t know anyone like that too)! but be prepared to be an instagram boy-friend 🙂 Liked it? So run! There’s still time to work on this. And I’ll leave this post open on the computer screen, with no intention of course, until my husband arrived. Oh the chocolate …

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natural coconut bowls with acai

OMG! Instagram and Pinterest are the temptations of today, at least for visual people like me and you. We spend hours admiring so beautiful and inspirational images. But sometimes we just stop. STOP, no way! What is this? Silence moment! This happened with me when I sow those amazing bowls pictures, real edible art! California fever since 2016, the coconut bowls became famous with Amazebowls, but here in Portugal I didn´t see nothing similar, Brasil neither. Only the açaí bowls, but this ones are different.  The recipe is simple, actually because don´t have recipe, since you fallow some essencial rules like, get a natural coconut and use ingredients varied in color and some creamy base. If you are in a healthier vibe (congratulations  you can abuse the yogurts, açaís, seasonal fruits, granolas and cereals. If you are a chubby soul as me you can put a good ice cream, marshmallows, chunks of chocolate and strawberries to give a color and a relief on your conscience. Speaking of color, edible flowers also give that special touch. But P-L-E-A-S-E make sure that they really are edible. After this is just enjoy and delight, but not without take a picture before, shure 🙂

But if the weather’s is getting colder and winter coming, how about using coconut husk to serve a soup, or even a moroccan or thai recipe? Super will match! In fact I’m super addicted to Thai food, but this is an idea to another post 😉

But Juuuuuuuuules I neeeed a recipe to follow!!! Ok, so I separated this cool video of the Blogilates channel, but I have to say that there’s no chocolate or nutella. But still beautiful and tasty 🙂

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I don’t remember when was my first contact with the works of the artist Joana Vasconcelos, but I know it was after moving to Portugal. The fact is that as soon as I saw, I was completely in love. So many textures, fabrics, threads, shine, shapes that turns into unique pieces. I always say that after I start a new print design, I don’t know the right time to stop. I put some elements, put and keep puting. And I think that’s why I identified so much with the beauty of these works, which give the impression that always fit an element there, another element here, but if you stop to add thing, is just already perfect.

In 2012, Joana Vasconcelos, became the first woman and youngest creator to exhibit some of his works at the Palace of Versailles in Paris.

Joana Vasconcelos art in Versailles

The backstage of Joana Vasconcelos art

Obrade Joana Vasconcelos em Versailles

The artist says she never was an honor student and found in arts freedom to explore and experiment.

Joana created arts using large pieces of ceramics of Bordalo Pinheiro giving them a “new skin”, lining them fully in crochet.

estátua de bordalo pinheiro com croceh de Joana Vasconcelos

Click trough and see more pictures and incredible videos about Joana Vasconcelos works.